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KaDeana Prévu  Wedding Consultation

Making Dreams Come True

Making Dreams Come True "Making memories one day at a time." I have been in the wedding industry since 1992 and started in hospitality, Concierge and ballroom events for a Seattle hotel. Working for a hotel with extremely high standards gave me a great foundation to learn and work from. Knowing that I can provide those same expectations to my clients now brings me a joy in doing what I love. I make magic happen! The team is passionate. We love love! With experience and an eye for style and detail, you will soon be a guest at your own wedding. Allowing us to handle the details and you get to watch your dad bust out his moves on the dance floor!

KaDeana Prévu Event Planner
KaDeana Prevu Events and Consulting


Making memories one day at a time.

100% HIgh Quality Guaranteeed by KaDeana  Prévu

Event Planning Services

Keadeana Prévu Events and Consulting turns your vision into unforgettable reality. Specializing in meticulous event planning and design, we handle every detail to reflect your unique style. From venue selection to timeline execution, let us make your moments masterpieces.


Is your farm business struggling? Are the costs of living at your family estate too much to bear? Maybe you have a contemporary space that is just not booking? Perhaps, you have a cabin that no one is using or an Airbnb that has potential as a venue, but you are unsure of where to begin.
How do you turn a profit from what you have?

KaDeana Prevu Events and Consulting

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Unforgettable Memories

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What Our Client's Say

There are few words...

Dear KaDeana,

We seriously can't THANK YOU enough for everything you've done to get us to our  BIG DAY! We appreciate your kindness, toughness, and organization and could not have gotten here without you!
Thank you!
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Kyle and Natalie

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