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Venue Consulting

Is your farm business struggling? Are the costs of living at your family estate too much to bear? Maybe you have a contemporary space that is just not booking? Perhaps, you have a cabin that no one is using or an Airbnb that has potential as a venue, but you are unsure of where to begin. How do you turn a profit from what you have?

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Prévu Consulting can help: 

  • Help you formulate the next step in securing a successful business

  • Help you elevate your current wedding venue business

  • Help you create a profitable wedding business at your Short Term Rental (Airbnb)

  • Formulate a plan to help you start putting money away towards your retirement

  • Help you see this business as a part of a strategy with a timeline to profitability


This is the time to take advantage of the property you own. Turning it into an asset that works for you! 


Book now with the venue and wedding experts at KaDeana Prévu and you'll learn how to:

  • Make the transition from vendor to venue owner

  • Find funding for your wedding venue (it's not as hard as you think)

  • Successfully book out your own profitable venue

  • Create a niche for you venue/Airbnb and highlight its assets for perspective couples.

  • Double your income with your existing industry knowledge.

  • Map the exact steps to bring your dream venue to life.

Whether you've been dreaming of owning a venue for a long time or maybe you need additional income for your farm or city space, you can discover everything you need to know with a clear, concise plan formulated just for your venue or Airbnb space, this will include how to get started, funding and how to start scaling up!

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